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Hello from the Indie Communicator 👋

I empower small businesses to tell their story with a strong and authentic voice.

Work Happy

Doing what you love is hard work. Communicating it shouldn’t be.

Do you want to market your business effectively and in a way that fits your purpose-driven values?

I offer expert content marketing and copywriting support to help you reach more people and communicate with impact.

We will design the programme of support that works for your budget. You may have a specific project in mind, or you may simply need a helpful nudge to get going.

Work Together 🙏

What is the value of my services? Here are examples from some of my clients.

“Anastasia created an important video to support an application for a funding bid to Lloyds Bank. Without the amazing video editing she pulled together, we would not have been successful.”

— Cheryl, CEO
London Plus Credit Union

“Anastasia created a video to assist in the recruitment of the over 50’s to take part in project Step2Digital. Nothing was hard for Anastasia to do to finalise the video. Thank you for a job well done.”

— Pamela, Founder
Caribbean Social Forum

“Anastasia has helped me tremendously by proofreading my application to a Masters programme, which was successful.”

— M., Happy Masters Student

“Anastasia was insightful and has helped us move on with our brand in just one session, she has pointed out things we wouldn’t have even considered without her. Her feedback was extremely helpful, and I would definitely recommend her.”

— Laxmi, Co-Founder
Visual Synapses Creative Web Design

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