Special event: Increase sales as a purpose- driven e-commerce

Event speakers: Anastasia for digital marketing, Margarita for Insider advice, Dominik for website conversion.

This is a past event. For my current events, please see Work Happy

Making your e-commerce business sell is no easy task. Doing it in a way that is honest, transparent, and inclusive means that you may need to learn to work in a different, more creative way.

I am delighted to announce that I will be speaking at the upcoming event by Visual Synapses, How to increase sales as a purpose-driven e-commerce: UX, marketing & more.

This event takes place on Wednesday 21 April at 10am.

Increasing sales as a purpose-driven e-commerce should not be a challenge, and here’s what we’re doing to change that:

  • Looking at your business values as your selling points.
  • Teaching you the basics of different digital marketing platforms.
  • Illustrating how to approach digital marketing as a purpose driven business.
  • Showing you how to understand your target audience and how to increase traffic using events.
  • Highlighting the importance of partnerships as an ethical business.
  • Explaining what is a value proposition and how to make the most of it through your website.
  • Recommending ways to improve the user experience of your website and specifically keys to a better page speed.

As a creative communication strategist, I will be talking about Digital Marketing basics specifically for purpose driven businesses.

Margarita Kalna will also be speaking at this event. Margarita is the founder of Free From Festival, the UK’s 1st Gluten, Dairy and Refined Sugar-Free Food Festival. She will be sharing her experience using online events to drive traffic to a website, and the value of partnerships with other purpose-driven businesses.

This is a FREE event, but you are welcome to buy us a beer (or the digital equivalent of one) if you would like to support the organisers and guest speakers.

This is a past event.

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