Frequently Asked Questions


What are Communications?

You may not have heard of the term “Communications” before. But if you own or help run a business, you are probably already doing it.

The area of Communications (aka Comms) incorporates a few principles:

  • Content marketing – your digital marketing strategy.
  • Customer relations – the way you contact new and returning customers.
  • Brand and PR – how you show your business to the world
  • Business development – being resilient to change and planning forward.
  • Campaigning – how you engage with social movements.
What do Communications have to do with marketing?

Communications are about building a lasting strategy for your business to support you with content creation, digital marketing, and getting more customers.

With proper planning and strategic thinking, you can develop a great brand with a strong impact without wasting resources, using gimmicky tactics, or bombarding customers with unsolicited emails.

My expert Communications advice can help you identify your business challenges, find new ways of communicating, and continue growing your business.

What do you actually do?

I am a communications consultant with experience in brand development, copywriting, graphic design, videography, and intranet management. I want to help startups and microbusinesses tell their story with a creative and coherent voice.

As a consultant, I work with small businesses on brand development. I use my corporate experience to help my clients learn to think strategically about how they develop their brand, and give recommendations on how to continue growing.

I also have content creation skills. My experience in copywriting, graphic design, and videography, allows me to provide content creation services to my clients, if that is what will work best for themSpeak to me about the kind of content you would like to make!


What is the cost of your services?

The cost of my labour depends on the kind of work we do together. Some services have set prices, but most of time I agree project costs with my clients. Please contact me to arrange a call and discuss this.

I work with small businesses and I know that budgets can be tight. Please do speak to me if you are interested, and we can work out a package that fits your needs.

How do I pay you?

Clients can pay invoices by bank transfer or

What are your payment terms?

I ask my clients to pay me within 7 days of the issue date of my invoice. For some projects, I may require a deposit or payment in advance.

Boring Legal Stuff

Do you have full terms and conditions?

How do you handle my personal data, such as my phone number or my email?

I am serious about protecting your privacy. I have advanced knowledge of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law, and will always do my best to keep your data safe. Find out more about how I use your data.