Newsletter support


Are you thinking of starting a newsletter for your small business? Do you already have one but want to make it work better?

I have sent over 40,000 emails to internal and external audiences. I can help you develop email marketing that helps you reach more people and sell more products.


How this works

This is a flexible service that works for any budget.

I can deliver one-off training to you and your people and give you all the tools you need to develop great campaigns.

Or, I can manage your newsletter for you, and let you focus on other aspects of running your business.


How much this costs

Get in touch to discuss your needs and find a programme of support that works for your budget.


What people say about this service

“Anastasia was insightful and has helped us move on with our brand in just one session, she has pointed out things we wouldn’t have even considered without her.”

Laxmi, Co-Founder, Visual Synapses Creative Web Design


Interested? Book a free call to talk about how we could work together.

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