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What people are saying

Anastasia created an important video to support an application for a funding bid to Lloyds Bank. Without the amazing video editing she pulled together, we would not have been successful.

Cheryl, CEO
London Plus Credit Union

Anastasia helped us refine our unique selling point and inspired us to see our work and mission in a new light. I am looking forward to working with her again!”

Zuza, Production Assistant
My Accomplice

Anastasia was insightful and has helped us move on with our brand in just one session, she has pointed out things we wouldn’t have even considered without her.

Laxmi, Co-Founder
Visual Synapses Creative Web Design

Anastasia has wonderful knowledge of a very wide range of topics in the field of branding and communication. During just an hour of the consultation I have learnt and will implement so much of her expertise to the brand I am building.”

Mig, Founder
MIGS MIGS Clothing

Anastasia is able to turn a brief into a creative piece of art, that stops people in their tracks and makes them pay attention. She had a great eye for detail and always meets the deadline. I would recommend Anastasia highly.”

Rudi, MD
Elevated Thinking

“Anastasia has been helping us with our monthly e-newsletter and recently, our annual report. Her work is of excellent standard. She delivers on time and very considerate of my team’s workload. She is flexible and often walks the extra mile to deliver a great product! Highly recommended!!!”

Natalia Sali​​​​​​, Engagement Manager
Healthwath Lambeth

Anastasia has helped me tremendously by proofreading my application to a Masters programme, which was successful.

M., happy Masters student

“I love your energy and you are very kind thank you so much ! You made my day better 😊”

Anonymous attendee
Work Happy: Newsletters workshop

“Anastasia created a video to assist in the recruitment of the over 50’s to take part in project Step2Digital. The candidate on the video is 89 years young. Nothing was hard for Anastasia to do to finalise the video. Thank you for a job well done.”

Pamela, Founder
Caribbean Social Forum

After the consultation Anastasia followed up with a well presented report, which highlighted possible improvements and practical action points. In addition to all the valuable strategic suggestions I got a real confidence boost out of our meeting.”

Verena, Founder
Kinder Nutrition