Work Happy

Work Happy is a series of free webinars for small business owners. These webinars are designed to help you learn new skills and incorporate effective and ethical communications practices in your business.

Here is what one attendee had to say:

Fun, unique and thought provoking, led by smart, genuine host and guest. It was timed very well – not too long or too short. It was very useful and I will definitely be attending the next webinar.

Work Happy webinar attendee

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There are two ways to participate in Work Happy:

Learn: For the first hour of the webinar, we will be learning best practice and answering specific questions about the topic.

Learn + Network: For some events, after the learning part finishes, attendees can stay on for a short and informal networking event.

What to expect

An honest and informal discussion about the issues we are all facing as entrepreneurs / small businesses.

Learn something new. I hope that we can all gain the experience necessary to grow our business and be nicer to each other.

During the webinar, you will be encouraged to set a SMART goal that will help you implement your learning, and continue growing your business.

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