Take Pride

Our very first Work Happy webinar took place on a sunny afternoon during one of the hottest days in the UK.

My guest, Simeon Simms, spoke to us about creating the all-black LGBTQ+ YouTube show Queer Essential, about his public speaking at schools and churches, and about what Pride means to him as a gay black man living in London.

I feel that [Black Pride] has catered to [the protest] side of it a bit more. Stonewall had pulled the funding from London Pride about two years ago because it was not diverse enough and they put their funding in Black Pride, which feels more inclusive, it feels more like a protest … They have acts, they have people talking, they have poetry … You can celebrate and learn about your history and come together and unite as a queer community.

There have been a lot of riots with Black Lives Matter and protests happening this month, and I’m glad that people are speaking up about issues that they need to fight for: fight for injustice, fight for compassion, fighting for other people to understand where another group is coming from. And I’m glad it is happening at the same time as Pride month, because this is where it originated from. It’s a protest. We are all marching and celebrating, happy and drinking, but within our own community we are disconnected.

We also discussed our own personal strengths, and reflected on how we use them to overcome diversity.

Powering through life is something that I’ve always done, but at the same time I am trying to learn how to also reflect at the same time, and not just get into a hole and crumble when it all gets too much.